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Cassandra DeCicco

At twenty-six, Cassandra DeCicco thought she had life figured out and her future all mapped out. She had the guy, the wedding, the job, and the house—until she didn’t. A shocking betrayal turned her fairy tale into a nightmare, and she spiraled down a deep emotional hole, fueled by all the wrong things (plenty of wine and heaps of self-loathing). With time, self-work, and looking inward, she was able to take her healing into her own hands, regain her self-worth, and become the person she wanted to be. In It’s Temporary, Babe, Cassandra writes honestly about her journey from heartbreak to finding happiness on her own terms.

Cassandra DeCicco is a thirty-something New Yorker who hopes to inspire others with her personal story and the tools and lessons learned along the way, so they realize they aren’t alone in their struggles and that it will eventually get better.